Get Real feedback by revolutionary QR code

What is Qreact?

QReact is a modern way to get real feedbacks from your customers.
Use QReact to create your QR code and a feedback form. This QR code will direct your customer to your feedback form. Just place your QR code on where you want to get feedback from, this may be a place, product, or whatever you want. Your customers scan your QR code with their smartphone, open the feedback form and submit their feedback one click.

Holaa That is all

You will get all data in one place with automatically analyzed reports, and charts.

How QReact Works?

1. Scan QR code

Customer Scans QR code and automatically opens feedback form

2. Fill in Form

Customer sumbit feedback

3. Dashboard

You don't need to import the data to any external program, you can see reports in QReact Dashboard.

Great Features

Do your customers are important for you? Get their feedback, but not in a traditional way, because with traditional way you have to force your customers to enter silly links into their browsers, however with QReact your customer just scans QR code with any QR reader, and that is all.

Modern Form Designer

Form Studio: You can create your own forms in modern designed Form Studio

Generate QR Codes

You can make a QR code for your feedback forms with a click.

Astonishing Dashboard

Get insight report, share your reports

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support.



  • 1 QR code
  • Custom Logo With Watermark
  • Form Designer
  • Reports
  • 500 Feedback limit
  • Email Support


  • 50 QR code
  • Custom Logo
  • Form Designer
  • Reports
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Unlimited QR code
  • Custom Logo
  • Form Designer
  • Reports
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Self Hosted

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